Which Color Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

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You’re SO purple.

Community·May 20, 2020You’re SO purple.by mermaidbarbieCommunity ContributorBuzzFeed Quiz Party!Take this quiz live with your friends and see everyone’s results!Invite friends to play

How would your friends describe you?EasygoingPassionateOptimisticAdventurousKindSmartEmotionalWhat would you say is your worst quality?I tend to romanticize thingsI am emotionally blockedI’m too hopefulI’m too emotionalI get angry easilyI never know when to stopI can be clingyWhat is your favorite animal?DogAlvan Nee on UnsplashFoxRay Hennessy on UnsplashButterflyFleur on UnsplashAny baby animal!Cara Fuller on UnsplashSlothJavier Mazzeo on UnsplashEagleMathew Schwartz on UnsplashCatAmber Kipp on UnsplashWhat is your greatest fear?DeathBeing aloneHaving no purposeFailureSmall spacesThe darkBeing kidnappedPick a Disney MoviePocahontasFrozenTangledMulanSleeping BeautyTangledCinderellaWhat gets you the most angry?Lazy peoplePessimistsAnimal abuseIdiotsHonestly, I don’t really get angry that oftenBasically everything makes me angryBeing underestimatedPick an important quality for a significant other:PassionThe ability to go with the flowOptimismIntelligenceKindnessOpen MindednessLoyaltyPick an activity:Watching Netflixfreestocks on UnsplashWritingGreen Chameleon on UnsplashPaintingRifqi Ali Ridho on UnsplashDrawingKaizen Nguyễn on UnsplashBikingTiffany Nutt on UnsplashScrolling through social mediaSara Kurfeß on UnsplashReadingJoel Muniz on UnsplashPick a quality you don’t like in a significant other:Easily angryPessimismEasily offendedLack of devotion to the relationshipStupidityBoringUptightnessLastly, pick something to drink:A fun margaritaTai’s Captures on UnsplashRed wineLefteris kallergis on UnsplashWatermanu schwendener on UnsplashJuiceFrancesca Hotchin on UnsplashChocolate milkShoiab Ahmed on UnsplashCoffeeNathan Dumlao on UnsplashTeaMiti on Unsplash

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