What to Watch: X-Men Movies w/ Rob Liefeld + Dreamland, Fatman | Weekly TicketTrailers 

What to Watch: X-Men Movies w/ Rob Liefeld + Dreamland, Fatman | Weekly Ticket

Check out newly announced release dates, which movies are coming to home video this week, and recommendations from your host Khail Anonymous and comic book writer, expert and the creator of characters like Deadpool, Cable, Youngblood and more– Rob Liefeld, in this new episode of ‘Weekly Ticket’!
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0:17 Movie News
1:45 Fan Picks – X-Men Movies ft. Rob Liefeld
8:24 New in Theaters
9:01 New on FandangoNOW

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5 Thoughts to “What to Watch: X-Men Movies w/ Rob Liefeld + Dreamland, Fatman | Weekly Ticket”

  1. Enjoyed Apocalypse, x men 1 and 2, days of future past, logan, first class, and both deadpools

  2. I'm sure for a lot of us the best X-Men movie has to be Logan!

  3. Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds
    Hugh Jackman/Wolverine
    Storm/Halle Berry
    Magneto/Michael Fassbender
    Professor X/James Mcavoj and Patrick Stewart
    Mystica/Jennifer Lawrence

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