What to Watch: Promising Young Woman, Horizon Line | Weekly TicketTrailers 

What to Watch: Promising Young Woman, Horizon Line | Weekly Ticket

Check out newly announced release dates, which movies are coming to home video this week, and Western film recommendations from your host Khail Anonymous and culture critic at The Week, Jeva Lange, in this new episode of ‘Weekly Ticket’!
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5 Thoughts to “What to Watch: Promising Young Woman, Horizon Line | Weekly Ticket”

  1. No patty Jenkins she is overrated and too political. Wonder Woman 84 was trash.

  2. What to watch: Promising young women and Horizon Line
    What true men want:"Stalker 2 (cheeki breeki) and Half Life 3"

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  4. For more modern westerns I personally like Seraphim Falls (2007) and The Proposition (2005). They’re just a bit on the bizarre side, which is why I like them.

    Also you didn’t mention where one can watch Promising Young Woman. Amazon, Netflix, HBO?

  5. Answers to questions you won’t hear in 2020+
    “whats your favourite Western”
    …easy, Blazing Saddles”

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