The Illusionist

“Nothing is what it seems”

With his eye on a lovely aristocrat, a gifted illusionist named Eisenheim uses his powers to win her away from her betrothed, a crowned prince. But Eisenheim’s scheme creates tumult within the monarchy and ignites the suspicion of a dogged inspector.

VOTES: 2458
GENRES: Fantasy,Drama,Thriller,Romance
STATUS: Released 2006-08-18
Additional Info: United States of America Contagious Entertainment,Michael London Productions,Koppelman-Levien


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  1. When I looked at this film for the first time I was unsure it would be any good… I was completely amazed by how this film was good. The actors all played there role very well. The film has a very good storyline and I was compelled to watch it. All in all a great movie, worth watching.

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