React To Some Awkward Situations And We’ll Tell You Which Taylor Swift Song You Are

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Shake it off, shake it off.

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Your best friend tells you she’s caught feelings for your boyfriend. What do you do?You tell her it’s okay and that you aren’t mad at her. She’s your best friend, and you still love her.You tell her to get over herself.You don’t worry about it. It doesn’t bother you.You tell her it’s ok, but it makes you nervous. You don’t want to lose your bestfriend.A classmate cheats off of you (and other people) on a test and gets a better grade than you. Your teacher is suspicious, so she asks you about it. What do you do? You say, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”You rat him out, and he gets a zero.You lie and say they didn’t cheat.You tell the teacher the truth but, you feel really bad after because they got a zero.Your friend borrows money from you and she promises to pay you back. She never does. What do you do?You don’t sweat it. She’ll return the favor soon.You demand that she pays you back now.You confront her and say that she needs to pay you back.You bring it up, but you try to do it in the nicest way possible.Your friend tells a secret about you to a bunch of other people. What do you do?You feel really hurt and want to work it out with your friend.You feel upset, but you don’t want to start any drama.You cut her off.Who cares?! Last question, your best friend’s boyfriend starts talking to you as more than friends. What do you do?You feel really upset and don’t know how to tell her.You tell him to stop being inappropriate. You send the screenshots to your friend. She deserves to know.You keep up a friendly conversation because you can’t confront him about it.

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