Friday Night Lights is now streaming on Amazon Prime

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Panther football is coming back, y’all.

Six months after Netflix dropped Friday Night Lights, Amazon has nabbed the screening rights to the beloved Texas-set series. (So basically, Netflix is West Dillon in season 3, and Amazon is East Dillon, Coach Taylor’s second chance. And we all know how season 4 ended for both teams… well, if you don’t, now you can!)

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Friday Nights Lights, which starred Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Taylor Kitsch, and more, told the story of football, family, and just generally, life in Dillon, Texas. The series, which launched on NBC before eventually moving to DirecTV, ran for a total of five seasons and gained a loyal fan following while also receiving high critical praise. In its final season, Chandler won an Emmy for his work in the series finale, while showrunner Jason Katims took home an Emmy for writing that same episode.

And now, thanks to Amazon, a new group of fans can discover the magic of Texas, Forever.


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