Deadpool crashes Stephen Colbert’s Late Show monologue with Trump jokes

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It’s not just you. Deadpool is everywhere these days, what with the merc’s movie sequel, Deadpool 2, hitting theaters this weekend. He’s in Celine Dion’s new music video, he’s playing video games with U.K. YouTubers, he’s on Korean TV shows, and he crashed Stephen Colbert‘s The Late Show monologue on Tuesday.

“Please, guys, no one stand up. It’s CBS, I know how old your audience is,” Ryan Reynolds, once again channeling his foulmouthed superhero, joked.

Deadpool thought he could stand in for Colbert for The Late Show‘s opener, and he was prepared with the zingers. At various points, he called Colbert “Jimmy,” mistook his guest Jamie Foxx for Back to the Future‘s Michael J. Foxx, and poked fun at the lack of diversity among the late-night circuit and superhero movies.

“In our own way, we late-night hosts are basically superheroes,” Colbert said.

“Because you’re all mostly white men?” he quipped.

Deadpool also had plenty of jokes about President Trump. He called the decision to pull America out of the Iran nuclear deal “Trump’s biggest pulling out blunder since Eric,” and he mocked Trump’s recent Twitter rant on leaks in the White House. “We all know Trump prefers his leaks in Russian hotel rooms,” Deadpool joked.

To finally get rid of him, Colbert took a note from Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and disintegrated him with CG effects. “What the f—?” Deadpool exclaimed. “Thanos?! You don’t have the budget for this, Colbert!” Josh Brolin, Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 costar, also plays Thanos in Infinity War — a connection that doesn’t go unnoticed in his fourth wall-breaking movie.

Watch Deadpool on The Late Show above.


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