Can We Guess Your Eye Color Based On Your Makeup Routine?

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Your makeup can actually say a LOT about you.

Community¬∑May 19, 2020Your makeup can actually say a LOT about bluewaveCommunity ContributorBuzzFeed Quiz Party!Take this quiz live with your friends and see everyone’s results!Invite friends to play

What’s first?Whatever I have time forPrimerSephora via www.sephora.comMoisturizerSephora via www.sephora.comRosewater spraySephora via www.sephora.comPick a baseConcealerSephora via www.sephora.comFoundationSephora via www.sephora.comBB creamSephora via www.sephora.comTinted moisturizerSephora via www.sephora.comPick a powder itemBronzerSephora via www.sephora.comBlushSephora via www.sephora.comHighlighterSephora via www.sephora.comNahBrows?Brow pencilSephora via www.sephora.comBrow powderSephora via www.sephora.comClear brow gelSephora via www.sephora.comTinted brow gelSephora via www.sephora.comEye makeup?Dark eyeshadow with black mascaraGetty ImagesJust black mascara will doGetty ImagesLight eyeshadow with brown mascaraGetty ImagesClear mascaraGetty ImagesFinally, to lipstick or not to lipstick…Nude lipstickSephora via www.sephora.comPink lip glossSephora via www.sephora.comRed lipstickSephora via www.sephora.comLip balm is fineSephora via

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